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Estate Planning

Planning for Those You Love

Planning for Those You Love

Where do you hope your money goes after you go? Sometimes that question can be complicated. We help you to get to the bottom of what matters most to you now and for the generations ahead. After you identify your wishes, we ensure that those wishes are legally documented and protected. Through careful planning, we work with trusted partners to ensure that your assets go to the people and causes you hope to support, whether that’s your family, a trust, a charity or another entity.

What does an Estate Plan include? Here are some of the services you’ll receive:

  • Careful inventory of your assets
  • Documented healthcare wishes, should you become incapacitated
  • Documentation and protection for your family’s needs, such as life insurance and guardians for children
  • Established legal directives, such as a trustee and beneficiaries, so that your assets can bypass probate
  • Tax minimization strategies

Life Insurance Strategies in Estate Planning

Diversification is vital in creating a balanced, broad portfolio. Life insurance is a tool that can add significant value and diversification to a family’s wealth transfer portfolio. For investors who wish to improve risk-adjusted returns for the next generation, this can be important. When structured properly into the estate plan, life insurance can offer tax benefits and income for heirs. Our sophisticated strategies include life insurance as a tool for helping you to make the most of your resources today and in the future.

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is often closely associated with Estate Planning, as many individuals include charities in the causes they hope to continue supporting after they pass away. However, charitable giving can be an important part of financial planning throughout every stage of your life. It can be a powerful way for you to make an impact on your community, giving you a voice in supporting causes you are passionate about. When leveraged appropriately, a greater percentage of your resources can support charitable causes you love rather than going to taxes. Charitable giving can empower you to make a difference.

We can help you to make decisions that align with your desires and values. We care about your overall wellbeing. A philanthropic mindset has been linked to longer, happier lives. In our planning, we consider your financial health as a vital aspect of your happiness.

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